When our clients speak, we listen and act.

When our clients speak, we listen and proactively act on the requests that will benefit the customer experience as well as the building itself. To that end, we wanted to inform our clients, both past and future, of the improvements we made to East Springfield Unit #3.

It was brought to our attention, by our previous clients, that changes to the layout and additional amenities would greatly benefit the customer’s experience and unit itself.

So, what did we do? First, we improved the design of the unit by creating a more flexible living and dining room area more suitable for a two bed unit. The new expandable dinning room table now allows for a pack and play crib to be set up, with ease, for those with small children. With this design change, we also added a sofa bed in order to keep the same sleeping capacity that was available before the renovation. In addition, we added central air conditioning, as well as a dedicated washer and dryer. With these improvements, we were, however, unable to keep the half bed in the unit.

Overall, we are very excited by the changes. We feel that the large financial investment and unit downtime have been entirely worth it. The end product is a big improvement for the unit and the Short Term Rentals Boston brand. If you should have any questions about your future stay in this unit, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.