Back Bay Fire

We, at STRB, are deeply saddened by the events that unfolded at the 9 alarm fire on Beacon Street.

Sadly, the tragic loss of two Boston firemen who perished while fighting the fire across is just one of the 74,200 emergency calls to which the BFD will respond this year. We are immeasurably grateful to those duty-bound men who won’t be returning to their streets so that we can live safely on ours. It is an immense sacrifice that is risked for us all every day. We are all lucky for all of those who keep all of our streets safe.

The Boston Fire Fighters Burn Foundation is great way to get involved and help families in need.

What is a Short Term Rental?

Short Term Rentals Boston specializes in short term rentals, which offer tenants a flexible, furnished, month to month, option for every unique business and leisure travel situation. As the market continues to grow for furnished apartments, Short Term Rentals Boston has maintained a core focus to add luxury properties to our portfolio to meet our clients needs.

We enable our clients to experience Boston in a unique, local way by offering a turn key apartment solution in the nicest areas Boston has to offer; Back Bay, South End, Beacon Hill and South Boston.

Short term rentals are a minimum of 30 days, with an option to renew thereafter, at your convenience. Our tenants enjoy the flexibility because every situation is different. Whether you are traveling for business, leisure, or perhaps for medical needs, we, at STRB, aim to provide a professional solution for your short term, furnished rental needs.

New Addition: East Broadway, South Boston

Just in time for St. Patricks Day!

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We have added to our portfolio of short term, furnished rentals, by recently agreeing to furnish and lease a newly renovated building on East Broadway in South Boston. With updated amenities, city views, parking for rent behind the building, close access to all of South Boston’s newest shops, dining and public transportation, these one bed and studios units are an attractive, flexible option coming into the summer months.

Unit 5 is street facing, with bright light, fully furnished, with flexible, month to month lease terms available.

Unit 4 faces the city, with wide views of Boston atop the hill, fully furnished and available for move in, upon request. These units are also right on the South Boston St Patrick’s day parade route, which is sure to be a great time.

Cheers to South Boston, St Patricks Day and our guests!

When our clients speak, we listen and act.

When our clients speak, we listen and proactively act on the requests that will benefit the customer experience as well as the building itself. To that end, we wanted to inform our clients, both past and future, of the improvements we made to East Springfield Unit #3.

It was brought to our attention, by our previous clients, that changes to the layout and additional amenities would greatly benefit the customer’s experience and unit itself.

So, what did we do? First, we improved the design of the unit by creating a more flexible living and dining room area more suitable for a two bed unit. The new expandable dinning room table now allows for a pack and play crib to be set up, with ease, for those with small children. With this design change, we also added a sofa bed in order to keep the same sleeping capacity that was available before the renovation. In addition, we added central air conditioning, as well as a dedicated washer and dryer. With these improvements, we were, however, unable to keep the half bed in the unit.

Overall, we are very excited by the changes. We feel that the large financial investment and unit downtime have been entirely worth it. The end product is a big improvement for the unit and the Short Term Rentals Boston brand. If you should have any questions about your future stay in this unit, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Tenants displaced by seven alarm fire on Mass Ave

Recently, a seven alarm fire broke out in an apartment building on Mass Ave and the 40+ tenants, whom occupied the building, are not able to live in the building for the next several months. Luckily, nobody was injured in the fire but, damages to the building were assessed at nearly $2.5MM. A long road lies ahead for those rehabbing the building but an easier path has been paved for tenants in need of an apartment. Welcome to STRB, we are here to help.

The short term, furnished rental option plays a key role in helping displaced tenants find a suitable living situation, in short notice. We understand that situations, like this, happen which, in turn, leave tenants feeling unsettled and sometimes unnerved about the process of finding a stop gap solution. In short order, STRB reached out to the management company of 31 Mass Ave and within mere hours, helped place their tenants into units within walking distance of their now uninhabitable apartment.

We strive to meet our client’s needs, be it during an emergency or otherwise, and will continue to post our customer success stories, much like this one, as we continue to grow our community.

The Short Term Rental Advantage

Short term rentals provide a variety of unique and cost effective solutions for people in need of flexible living accommodations. Moreover, the flexibility of terms makes furnished, short term rentals attractive for both companies and private bookings alike. Without a doubt, serviced apartments offer more freedom, space, choice and flexibility to the demanding business and leisure travelers of today, and there are considerable financial cost savings.

Unlike hotels where you might feel like a guest at all times, you do have the opportunity to live in the comfort of your own temporary, furnished home, with a private kitchen, bath, and rooms to relax in while you are visiting Boston.  Also, short term rentals save money. Flexible, furnished units are much more cost-effective than hotels and allow you to spend less on laundry service, dining out, and other things that don’t come included with a hotel, motel or Holiday Inn (say what?) or other accommodations. Fully equipped kitchens are a standard amenity included in all of our listings. This has great appeal when you factor in specific dietary requirements or a family with small children in temporary accommodation looking for a flexible abode.

Short term apartments give you more space and privacy, as well as providing a “home away from home” feel that allow for a more intimate, local experience. Particularly for those working away from the office for extended durations, the addition of a private kitchen and living room is a significant benefit, offering room to both relax and work as required. Renting a two or three-bedroom apartment provides more space for a group or family than a hotel room, giving more freedom to those sharing the space. In addition, if family or friends visit, there are sofa beds to accommodate them at no extra charge – a service for which hotel guests find themselves incurring additional charges.

Between the money savings and the unique amenities that you will find, short term apartment rentals have it all. Whether you are visiting for a few weeks, or months at a time, you can find plenty of accommodations to suit your needs and give you the space that you are searching for. There is nothing more enjoyable than having the space to spread out and relax. Having the ability to live like you’re at home when you’re miles away makes everything easier.

Welcome to the Short Term Rentals Boston (STRB) Blog!

Welcome to the Short Term Rentals Boston (STRB) blog!

There are many scenarios in which a hotel, or year long, fixed term, lease might not be the best real estate option, and when these situations arise a short term, furnished rental is an excellent, cost effective alternative to a high priced hotel room in Boston.

Furnished rentals provide a hotel-alternative to individuals and families in need of temporary, yet comfortable, accommodations and have become the preferred way to visit Boston. Whether you are traveling for personal, medical, relocation, work-related or, perhaps, unexpected reasons, a furnished rental can save you significant amounts of time and money when compared to a searching for a suitable apartment or hotel.

We are here to help! Short Term Rentals Boston (STRB) is Boston’s premier owner of furnished apartments, with 40 units located in the most convenient and desirable residential neighborhoods of Boston. The STRB brand gives our renters assurance that they are staying in a clean, safe and fully functional apartment with a professional management company available in the very rare instance that any sort of problem arises.

We will continually post updates with local news, trends, hot topics, success stories and helpful tips on searching for your next flexible real estate solution. .

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to building our rapidly growing community. If you should have any questions or want to inquire about available listings, you can view them here or call us at 617.356.7510.