About Us

Welcome to our Short Term Rentals Boston Online Home!

Short Term Rentals Boston (STRB) was founded by Will Avanessian and Brent Berc in 2011 with the goal of providing visitors of Boston with rental options for furnished apartments that combine the comfort, convenience and privacy of a home with the reliability of a professional management company. After experiencing the need for hotel alternative accommodations first-hand Will and Brent formed STRB to be both an economical and reliable solution in Boston. Our guests arrive in Boston knowing, not hoping, that they have rented a safe, clean and well-equipped apartment in the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city.

At STRB, we have a long-term interest in the upkeep and quality of our properties because we own them.  We not only focus on getting our customer service right, but we take our property management and maintenance seriously.  As such, the units and buildings in our portfolio are much better cared for than those of most of our competition.

At STRB we focus on keeping our overhead low so we can pass the savings on to our guests via lower prices. One of the ways we accomplish this is by eliminating non-elemental staff and services from the individual properties, like daily housekeeping, front desk attendants and concierge services. Instead, we provide professional cleanings before and after stays, optional additional cleanings during stays, and self-serve laundry facilities within our buildings.   We also take the staff out of each building and centralize their location at our offices.  While each building may not be large enough to warrant having on-site staff, the portfolio in its entirety is able to support full-time, centrally located staff that are available during business hours. We also have staff available at any hour in the case of an emergency. In addition, we also go out of our way to give the tenants as much information as possible to provide as independent an experience as possible.  One example of this is that we provide guests a “guide book” that answers many of the questions you might ask a concierge or front desk attendant.

Our guests come to Boston for a wide variety of reasons and we have built our portfolio of units to match their needs. Families looking to rent one vacation rental rather than multiple hotel rooms; travelers looking for low cost, safe and clean accommodations in the city; professional travelers looking for corporate housing convenient to their work place; people traveling to Boston for medical reasons looking to be near our hospitals; students coming to Boston for a semester of study. These are just a few of the types of stays that STRB makes easy for our guests.

The STRB experience was designed for travelers seeking privacy and independence. Features like keyless entry and our “guide book” give our guests all the tools and information they need to arrive and depart Boston without ever needing assistance from our centralized management team and staff. This is the product of our industry experience, guest feedback and well designed and equipped accommodations.

STRB currently offers nightly, weekly and monthly stays in a variety of unit types, including fully furnished apartments, studio rentals and hostel accommodations.