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Extended Stay Furnished Rentals in Boston
Several of our properties are dedicated specifically to longer term stays of thirty days and up. For longer stays, we found that hotel rooms are simply too small and/or too expensive to be a realistic options and most extended stay options in Boston are generally not located in the heart of the city. Guests either have to choose between the high-priced less functional hotel room or the more functional, poorly located furnished rental.. In this sense, STRB offerings are unique: we offer a variety of functional unit types in very central locations. These units offer discounted monthly rates that make longer term stays a far better and more economical option than an extended-stay hotel or an unfurnished unit that requires a longer commitment and comes with moving and furnishing expenses. Our extended-stay furnished rental units are perfect for relocating or traveling professionals, people coming to Boston to study or take classes, or people here for medical reasons looking to stay near one of our world-class hospitals.

Broadway Street – South Boston

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Mt. Vernon Street – Charlestown

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