Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. My dates are showing as available on the website, but I am being told that the unit isn’t available for my dates?

  • In some cases an owner declines a reservation request because they’ve either taken another reservation that has yet to be recorded or they are holding out for a longer term lease.

Q. What is the difference between an STRB unit and a hotel room?

  • In a hotel you get little more than a bed and bathroom. In an STRB unit you get a well-equipped apartment that includes a fully equipped kitchen, living room and free wi-fi access – all of which bring the comforts of home with you on your travels. Without out the personnel and congestion of a hotel, an STRB unit gives you more privacy as well.


Q. What are the cost advantages of staying in an STRB versus a hotel room?

  • An STRB unit costs less to book than any of the comparable hotels in the City, but that’s not where the savings end. In an STRB unit you save on wi-fi costs, food and drink expenses and service charges/gratuities. The larger your group, the greater the savings are.


Q. Are there any additional fees or charges on top of the amount I was quoted?

  • No. We quote grand totals that include all additional fees and costs.


Q. Do you have seasonal rates?

  • Yes, we have peak, shoulder and off-peak pricing. Our peak season runs from May through October, and all of the dates in between are either shoulder (March-April, Nov) or off-peak (Dec, Jan, Feb).


Q. Do you provide cleaning services during the reserved period?

  • STRB units are professionally cleaned before and after every stay. If you wish to have your unit cleaned during your stay it can be arranged at an additional cost. Please inquire with one of our agents.


Q. Do you have parking spaces available?

  • Our Marlborough, Newbury, Charles, E. Broadway and East Springfield properties have parking for rent directly behind each of the properties. You can check availability and reserve these spaces on our website, without having to speak with an agent. There are also parking garages near the properties and you can consult our property maps to find the nearest garage to the unit you are renting. Parking in Boston is difficult. It’s best to avoid bringing a car if at all possible.


Q. Are pets allowed?

  • All STRB units have a strict no pet policy.


Q. Is smoking allowed in your units or buildings?

  • All STRB units and buildings are smoke-free.


Q. How do I reserve a unit?

  • It’s very easy. After you have spoken with one of our agents via phone or email to find an appropriate unit and a final price you will be provided with instructions on how to book the unit using our simple online system. You can also book right through our website.


Q. What do you require for a booking deposit?

  • If your stay is more than 28 days away from the day you are booking than 50% of the total booking amount is due at the time of booking. If your stay is within 28 days than the entire balance of the booking is due at the time of booking.
  • For select units, largely our Quarters™ and Efficiency Suites, 100% of the total booking amount is due at the time of booking.


Q. Is a security deposit required?

  • In almost all cases, no, a security deposit is not required. Included in the total amount you were quoted is a non-refundable damage protection fee, which replaces the need to make a security deposit. This fee can vary between $40 and $100, depending on length of stay. For more information on what this fee covers, please see our terms and conditions.


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover cards, as well as debit cards. We also accept American Express. In some cases, generally for longer-term bookings, we can accept check or wire transfer.


Q. Do you hold units without a deposit?

  • We have a strict no-hold policy. Your rental is only confirmed once you make your deposit.


Q. What is your cancellation policy?

  • You can view our cancellation policy here. You also have the option of purchasing cancellation insurance to protect your deposit in the event of unforeseen cancellations. You can view our cancellation insurance policy here.