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Choose Short Term Rentals Boston for your next short term or extended stay

Whether you’re in between homes, reconnecting with friends and family, or in town for business, STRB has a furnished option to meet your specific needs.


Tenants displaced by seven alarm fire on Mass Ave

Recently, a seven alarm fire broke out in an apartment building on Mass Ave and the 40+ tenants, whom occupied the building, are not able to live in the building for the next several months. Luckily, nobody was injured in the fire but, damages to the building were assessed at nearly $2.5MM. A long road lies ahead for those rehabbing the building but an easier path has been paved for tenants in need of an apartment. Welcome to STRB, we are here to help.

The short term, furnished rental option plays a key role in helping displaced tenants find a suitable living situation, in short notice. We understand that situations, like this, happen which, in turn, leave tenants feeling unsettled and sometimes unnerved about the process of finding a stop gap solution. In short order, STRB reached out to the management company of 31 Mass Ave and within mere hours, helped place their tenants into units within walking distance of their now uninhabitable apartment.

We strive to meet our client’s needs, be it during an emergency or otherwise, and will continue to post our customer success stories, much like this one, as we continue to grow our community.