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STRB Recommendations: Boston Winery

The Boston Winery is a hidden gem in Dorchester Massachusetts. It is located beside Venezia restaurant in a Civil-War era building. The winery is run by Ralph Bruno and his goal is to “share his knowledge of making superb wine and to teach others how to enjoy this experience.” Every Saturday afternoon the winery is open to tastings and tours. For only $10 you receive 3 tokens that can be exchanged for glasses of wine, and a tour of their facilities. 

Boston Winery Door

Tours run every half hour, you can arrive anytime between 1pm and 6pm . The winery is not big so the tour is only about 10 minutes. If your tour guide asks any questions make sure to be the first to answer! The guides hand out extra tokens throughout the tour. They do a great job of explaining their process of creating the wine.  Contrary to popular belief they do not crush the grapes with their feet.

Boston Winery Barrells

The tasting room offers about 5 different wines. I went with a friend so between both of our tokens we tasted them all. Red, white, and sparkling are included in each tasting, chances are they will have a wine for you.  Handmade pizzas are available in the tasting rooms. Make sure to be the first to grab a slice, the pizza is for everyone participating in the tasting.

Boston Winery Drinks

The winery is only a short drive away from many of our properties. If you are staying with us on a Saturday make sure to stop by, and let us know what wine you tasted! I highly recommend the Sparkling Brachetto and The Black Dog Cabernet Sauvignon.

Welcome to the Short Term Rentals Boston (STRB) Blog!

Welcome to the Short Term Rentals Boston (STRB) blog!

There are many scenarios in which a hotel, or year long, fixed term, lease might not be the best real estate option, and when these situations arise a short term, furnished rental is an excellent, cost effective alternative to a high priced hotel room in Boston.

Furnished rentals provide a hotel-alternative to individuals and families in need of temporary, yet comfortable, accommodations and have become the preferred way to visit Boston. Whether you are traveling for personal, medical, relocation, work-related or, perhaps, unexpected reasons, a furnished rental can save you significant amounts of time and money when compared to a searching for a suitable apartment or hotel.

We are here to help! Short Term Rentals Boston (STRB) is Boston’s premier owner of furnished apartments, with 40 units located in the most convenient and desirable residential neighborhoods of Boston. The STRB brand gives our renters assurance that they are staying in a clean, safe and fully functional apartment with a professional management company available in the very rare instance that any sort of problem arises.

We will continually post updates with local news, trends, hot topics, success stories and helpful tips on searching for your next flexible real estate solution. .

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to building our rapidly growing community. If you should have any questions or want to inquire about available listings, you can view them here or call us at 617.356.7510.