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Multiple Efficiency Suites live and ready to book – 29 Temple Pl.


We now have multiple Efficiency Suites live and ready to book at 29 Temple Pl. This location is perfectly located in Downtown Boston, which is ideal for individuals on business trips or families who want to be in the heart of this extraordinary city. These units can sleep up to four adults and are priced around $200/night or as little as $50/person, our goal was bridge the gap between affordability and convenience by offering economical short-term housing options in an unbeatable location. Call us now and book directly to save an additional 10% on your next stay at this remarkable property.

Choose Short Term Rentals Boston for your next short term or extended stay

Whether you’re in between homes, reconnecting with friends and family, or in town for business, STRB has a furnished option to meet your specific needs.


STRB Restaurant Pick Of The Week: Grille 705

While on vacation it isn’t always reasonable to sit down for long meals. Sometimes you need a quick bite to eat before starting your day. That is why we recommend Grille 705. It is a go-to for the locals in the South End. The best characteristic about this restaurant is that the food is affordable. You won’t have the break the bank for a great meal. The location is prime, right on the corner of Massachusetts and Harrison Avenue. Many of our properties in the South End are only a 10 minute walk away. Our office on Washington Street is about 2 blocks away. You can find a couple STRB employees stopping by Grille 705 during our lunch breaks.

Grille 705 Outside

Grille 705 has breakfast served all day long, so if you aren’t an early riser you can still get some pancakes and bacon when you wake up. Their omelets and french toast are any breakfast lovers dream. If you order french toast there are 6 different kinds of toppings to choose from, personally I like the blueberry. As for lunch I tend to go for the chicken wraps and sandwiches, but they also have hamburgers and pasta. Last time I ordered the Ranchero Chicken Wrap with french fries and a side Greek Salad. I was finished in about 15 minutes, the food was great! A cool option they offer is ordering online. So you can go to their website, pick out what you want, pay, and then go pick it up in 15 minutes or less.Grille 705 Chicken Wrap

Grille 705 is one the best diner’s in Boston’s South End. We recommend this spot to our guests because it is affordable and has an eclectic menu. If you are staying at our East Springfield or Concord Square apartments Grille 705 is only a 10 minute walk away. Make sure to look up their hours before you head over, on certain weekends they close at 4pm. Check it out the next time you are in Boston and let us know what you ordered!

STRB Restaurant Pick Of The Week: Cafe Madeline


cafe madeline logo 2

Finding the perfect coffee shop is a challenge, especially when you are in a new town. If you are staying with us in Boston’s South End you can find a great cup of coffee and pastry at Cafe Madeline. Around town they are known for their delectable French pastries and baked goods. Their cafe includes a window into their kitchen where you can see how all the goodies are made. Cafe Madeline has become one of the favorite spots for us at STRB.

cafe food

Whenever I have a craving for sweets at work, Cafe Madeline is just a short walk away from our office. They have a wide variety of French style pastries, drinks and sandwiches. My favorite treat is their croissant. It is so flaky and warm, great for these cold January days. If you enjoy a hot chocolate their’s is a must try. Their menu has a lot of French type foods and drinks so make sure to read before you buy!

Cafe Madeline outsideWhether you need a cup of coffee in the morning or a sandwich on the go, Cafe Madeline is a great option. Their menu is on the more expensive side, so make sure you have some extra change in your pocket! If you happen to stop by let us know what you thought!

Another Happy Guest at STRB

Here at STRB we pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate a variety of different guests regardless of what brings them into the city.  Whether you’re a relocating professional or contract worker, a large family on vacation, someone receiving treatment at a local hospital, a seasonal guest, or someone who has been displaced, we have something for you.
In each of the coming weeks we will be featuring testimonials from one of these different types of guests, and we’ll let them do the talking! This week’s testimonial comes from one of our repeat seasonal guests.


Mark (94 Charles St. – November-April) – Regular Seasonal Guest

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As a Golf Professional on Nantucket Island, I have 5 months each winter where I am forced to leave the island due to weather conditions and a house with no insulation or proper heat. I come to Boston to be near the airport and to be centrally located in New England for work purposes and work related traveling convenience.I have rented each of the last 5 seasons from Short Term Rentals Boston (STRB). It is not feasible for me to rent an unfurnished apartment and have to pack it all up and store it for 7 months. The ease and convenience of renting a furnished apartment is what allows me to be in Boston. STRB has made my living situation so much easier and convenient. I hope to someday be able to afford my own apartment in Boston but at this time, I can’t. STRB allows me to live in Boston.


Meet Naydeesha Davis- Leasing Associate at Short Term Rentals Boston

Here at STRB it is important for us to showcase how hard our employees work to make your stay the best possible experience.  This week we’re talking to Naydeesha.


Can you tell us a little bit about you and what you do at STRB?

I am a 25 year old young professional currently residing in Boston. I am the oldest of 10 children and an Auntie to a 4 year old. I’m pretty laid-back, constantly working on becoming a better human being with each passing day. I handle the reservations and leasing here at STRB.

What is your favorite place in the world?

I haven’t traveled much as of yet but right now I’d say this private beach I visited in Rhode Island this past summer.

How would you describe your job at STRB?

I love my job here at STRB. It is a great atmosphere with an amazing group of individuals. Coming into a great place to work every day makes the workday that much more pleasurable.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Binge-watching YouTube hair and makeup tutorials and Haagen Daaz Dulce de Leche ice cream

Who is your idol?

I can’t say that I have an idol. I’d like to become some one that other people look up to someday.

Moment you decided you wanted to be in the furnished rentals industry?

I worked in hotels previously and that was a segway into the furnished rentals industry. I didn’t really decide. The opportunity presented itself and I was fortunate enough to be given the chance pursue it.

 What are your aspirations?

I aspire to one day be a great wife and mother and just being happy.

What are some adjectives that best describe you?

Most would describe me as funny and laid back.

How do you recharge?

A nice hot bath and some yoga.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned working at STRB, and in the short term rentals industry?

I’d have to say patience. Fulfilling many different types of guests needs on a daily basis is not as easy it sounds or looks. I am still learning new things day by day.

Meet Scott Kirkwood- Director of Operations for Short Term Rentals Boston


Here at STRB we will be introducing our team members in the next couple of weeks.  We want to showcase some of our employees who work so hard to make sure you and your family have the best stay possible.  This week we’re talking to Scott

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a fun-loving person who is all about living through experiences. In my opinion, material things can make you happy, but experiences with people that you are close to stay with you forever. Music, the outdoors, and food are my thing. If I’m not in the office, I’m usually either out on the water fishing, or at the closest live music event. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, but I’ve been all over the US, and think it’s one of the greatest states in the country.

How long have you worked at STRB and how did you learn about it?

I’ve worked for STRB for almost two years now. Wanting to get into real estate management/development, I sent out an e-mail on a whim after having read the bios for BREC, the managing entity for STRB. I saw a company of young professionals who were really onto something and knew I wanted to get in on the ground floor.

 What are your responsibilities as Director of Operations?

Officially, I oversee all operations for the Short Term Rentals Boston portfolio. I also manage all marketing initiatives and digital accounts, and am one of the point people when developing or setting up a new property. My mission is to ensure that we are constantly building the business while working to improve our guest’s experiences. That being said, I am no stranger to rolling up my sleeves and helping a guest in need!

What is something you love about working at STRB?

For me it’s all about the team and helping to provide guests with comfortable and affordable accommodations in Boston. The close-knit environment at STRB is unlike any other place I’ve worked before. Whether it’s playing music at full blast in the office or getting in the occasional ping pong game on the office table, everyone here likes to have fun. I especially enjoy hearing about the things that our guests are able to do in a furnished apartment(like cooking a huge family meal), that they wouldn’t be able to do had they stayed in a hotel. I’m not much of a hotel person myself, and I love converting other hotel-lovers to furnished rental repeats.

How do you describe STRB to people?

It’s like a home away from home. Whether you’re a business person, a family on vacation, or just a lone ranger exploring the city of Boston, there’s a good chance we’ll have something that fits your needs. On the whole, STRB is aimed at making short term city living fun, affordable, and easy.

If you could stay at any STRB vacation rentals, which would it be and why?

It’s got to be the penthouse unit at Mount Vernon St. in Charlestown. The roof deck has some of the best views I’ve ever seen of Boston, and the area has a really beautiful, old feel to it.

 What are some obstacles you have experienced during your time at STRB?

You can’t always make everyone happy, but we really do try. I think one of the most challenging obstacles is hearing about guests are missing certain items that we say are provided in our units. I like to think that everyone is honest and forthcoming, but the fact is many people aren’t. If you break something in the apartment, just tell us so we can make sure it’s there for the next guest =)

 What are some of the best experiences you have had while working at STRB?

I think I would say experiences, not to sound cheesy or anything. Bringing STRB’s first hostel-style unit to fruition on W. Broadway in South Boston has been a blast, and hearing some of our first guest say things like “This is much nicer than any hostel I’ve ever stayed in before” really gets me stoked(for lack of a better word). Another awesome moment came about after one of our guests made it seem as though everything we did just wasn’t working for her, but then called us back the next time she came into Boston. I really think you learn a lot from negative experiences, and it’s funny how some of our best reviews come after we’ve fixed something that has gone awry, versus the run-of-the-mill stay where everything is perfect.

Short Term Rentals Boston adds 44 Concord Square!

We are very excited to announce the addition of 16 fully furnished units at 44 Concord Square to our monthly rental portfolio. This immaculate brownstone is situated in a peaceful area that affords you easy access to Downtown Boston and many of the city’s best attractions. In terms of location, this is as good as it gets in the South End.

Apple Picking Season is Upon Us!

Apple Picking Season in Boston

Here at Short Term Rentals Boston we are eager for Fall to begin, and we hope you are too. With the Fall Equinox happening at 10:29 PM this evening, this wonderful season will have officially begun… and yes, it’s apple picking time! With orchards and farms all over Massachusetts and the surrounding areas, there’s no better time to come to Boston then NOW, especially if you want first pick of your favorite fall crops. If you’re planning on joining in the festivities, click HERE to access the interactive “Massgrown Map” so you can zero in on the best farms and orchards in the area.



Legal Oysteria

With constant development happening all over Charlestown, Boston’s oldest neighborhood has a lot going on for an area that covers just over one-square mile. For food fanatics like ourselves, that means new restaurants like Legal Oysteria popping up all over the map. Excited as we are? Stay tuned for upcoming rentals in this cool area.